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We provide Statutory Compliance Management Services along with IT services to all its clients in India. We engage highly talented experts in the Industry to deliver optimal solutions and ensuring businesses to achieve their goals. We have the expertise in labour laws of various states in India. Our focus is to give a quality & timely service for our clients.

We believe in service excellence, therefore it Is our pleasure, passion and pride to render the best and timely services on all Statutory Compliance Management Service. With a deep reservoir of experience and resources we will help you navigate any aspect of labour law management. We also apprise the clients of any changes in the Labour Law Act for appropriate and timely actions to ensure complete compliance.

We offer a full range of Compliance Services right from formation of company formation to procedural compliance


  • Compliance Audit Services
  • Compliance Management Services for Establishment & Factory
  • Contract Labour Regulation & Management Services
  • Payroll Compliance Services

1. Compliance Audit Service

Complete solution under compliance audit service by providing expertise service for Factory Audit, Establishment Audit and Contractors Audit.

  • Customized Process of Audit
  • Complete Compliance Audit and Review
  • Critical Factors and Detailed Analysis on Labour Law
  • Submission of Complete Audit Report
  • Audit records pertaining to Labour Laws
  • Assess risk exposure in the form of criticality analysis

2. Establishment & Factory Compliance

One stop solution to manage Factory and Establishment compliance management for any Industry.

  • Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers’
  • Registration/Renewal/amendment
  • Registration/amendment under Professional tax
  • Display of Abstract & Notices
  • Submission of annual/half-early/quarterly returns
  • Liaison with Labour, ESI, EPF and PT authorities
  • Handling of Inspections by Authorities
  • Timely updation of Information about Labour legislations
  • Support services in Court related matters

3. Contract Labour Regulation

Contract Labour Regulation management plays a critical and vital role in every Organisation. We ensure that the Organisation comply with all the provisions related to the Industry are completely taken care under CLRA act.

  • Obtaining Registration Certificate (for Principal Employers)
  • Obtaining License for applicable Contracto.
  • Maintenance of registers, records and returns
  • Handling EPF and ESI contribution
  • Submission of monthly MIS

4. Payroll Complaince Services

Processing payroll is one of core expertise for across various Industries & Establishments.

  • Process monthly salary
  • Handle PF, ESIC, Professional Tax and Labour welfare fund.
  • To handle PF Transfer / settlement
  • To handle Full and Final settlement
  • Support services in Court related matters